Not sure if anyone has done this before…but since it’s been acknowledged (does anyone have the source?) that Cedric’s bags are due to being so tired all the time and since we got to see him napping in the new episode, I started wondering what Cedric would like without the bags. So I went into photoshop and did my best to smooth over them - although my skills aren’t good enough to get rid of the sunk in look completely. But hopefully this gives everyone somewhat of an idea what he might look like if he wasn’t so worn and weary haha. (I didn’t get rid of the cheek lines since I think his mom has them and they’re more of a genetic thing? but I guess they might be a bit smoother if her were properly rested idk.)

Now I am even less sure of exactly how old Cedric is and I didn’t even know that was possible.

[If anyone with better skills wants to use this as a launching point/inspiration to go in and try to give him a non-tired rendering then that would be awesome!]

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    so if the bags are from being tired and the grey is a tip to cruella ( and...
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    I’m just so happy to have found Cedric fans! I just love him! My theory headcanon is that since he is a sorcerer he...
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    More reblogs of Cedric the Sorcerer. Man, I’m getting this weird feeling again… :3
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